Aerial Cinematography

Red and Alexa on board – we use the most advanced cameras on market

Apart from Red and Alexa Mini, we also use Sony a7s2 for smaller budget productions. The top position in our fleet is an ALTA 8 drone, from Freefly Systems, a U.S manufacturer. The best gimbal on the market – MōVi Pro is mounted to the ALTA drone in order to aquire perfectly stabilized camera movement and also to assure reliability of our service on set. In just few minutes we can switch from aerial filming by detaching the gimbal from the drone and attaching it to a different setup: hand-held gimbals, Freefly TERO or Cable Cam system. We specialize in gimbal-filming and aerial cinematography. We provide reliability, professional service and experience in large scale productions. Our aerial-shot crew consists of three people: a pro drone pilot, camera operator and a focus puller/assistant. If you are looking for aerial shots as well as gimbal shots to your film and also thinking of reducing the production costs, look no further – we are here to provide you the most optimal solution.

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