Cable Cam – rope travel & stabilization camera system

Cable Cam system brings a whole new idea of fast paced, perfectly stabilized shots. This point to point system consists in anchoring the rope between two poles or trees up to 200m from each other. The camera and the Freefly MoVi gyro-stabilizer is attached to the platform. Cable Cam is remotely controlled by our operator and the speed of the camera/platform is adjusted specifically to the shot (max. of 50km/h). Another operator remotely controls the gimbal, while the focus puller adjust the optimal image sharpness. The camera POV is transffered wirelessly on HD displays. If the shot requires the system to be installed above a hand’s reach, it is no trouble as our crew members have alpinist qualifications. Cable Cam is an ideal solution for advertisement sets, concerts, events. Take a moment to watch our Behind The Shot – Cable Cam film, where we explain how all of it work.

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