Camera Car

Special task car for stabile shooting with a full control over the camera

The Mercedes ML Chase Car was specifically prepared for high speed dynamic filming. It is the only professional and complex solution for capturing chasing shots from a car in Poland. Inside, the vehicle is equipped with 3 preview displays, one for each: gimbal operator, the director and DoP. For camera control and stabilization we provide MōVI XL gimbal. MōVI can resist the wind up to the speeds of 160 km/h. We are able to mount every large cameras with most of the commonly used type of lenses. It is also possible to mount zoom type lenses. For ultimate control and smoothness we can attach 3 engines to the gimbal, for full focus, zoom and iris (aperture) adjustment.
MōVI XL together with a camera is installed onto the VibraFreek dampening system – a solution designed by DitoGear to eliminate any Y axis deviation or wobble while driving. There is also a XY axis module installed between the gimbal and the stabilizer, to boost the performance of the VibraFreek under extreme conditions and for extra shot stability and smoothness. An additional IsoWire anti-shock unit is also set up to damp any remaining microvibrations in XYZ axis. This whole setup is attached to the Lifter – a vertical motion system, which lets us control the rigs’ vertical movement with the speed of 1m/4sec. It shortens the prep time when adjusting the film frame or provides a smooth vertical movement in the capturing shot.

Filmy do których zapewniliśmy Camera Car


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