Gimbal shots – ‘Smooth Operators’

We are an operator crew who specialize in gyro-stabilized cinematography. Our company is the biggest in Poland, which deals with stabilizers on such a scale. Our aim is to use innovative cutting-edge technology in order to bring you the most unconventional, unorthodox and perfect shot. With our passion, determination and experience we do our best to realize our clients’ ideas. Our knowledge is based on years spent on sets of advertisement films, documentaries, feature films. Our output consists of dozens of productions with the use of gimbals.

CEO Kamil Przybylak leads workshops on gyro-stabilized filming, which always attracts a lot of young filmmakers and operators. We use and present a whole variety of professional equipment. We work with Freefly Systems  products and we guarantee no errors on the set, professional service and remarkable shots.

Filmy do których zapewnialiśmy ujęcia z gimbala


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