We offer production of the commercials from the script to the final post-production. Each project contains our full commitment at every level of the creative process.

The main idea is to create effective commercial. Based on comprehensive knowledge about the project, we prepare a creation which task is not only to meet the basic assumptions. Our films are a well thought-out and skilfully realized creation that attracts the attention of the recipient. We develop a strategy that allows you to focus the viewer’s attention in a short time and encourages him to act. All of our advertising videos are properly prepared in terms of content – we provide appropriately selected and relevant core information. In parallel with the film content, we focus on visual quality. We obtain it thanks to our innovative solutions and advanced film techniques. We have a wide range of equipment that creates many opportunities for creative filming. We use broadcast cameras and dedicated film optics. We give our productions an individual look by choosing the climate, colors and sound.

We work with experienced directors, screenwriters and DOP’s. We provide a comprehensive service: screenplay, professional equipment, organization of the set, direction, post-production of materials and preparation of the film for broadcasting.

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