We create video reports from various types of events. The scope of our activities includes: mass events, concerts, fairs, business meetings as well as cultural and sport events. Regardless of the type and scale of the event, we strive to make the film attractive in reception and meet PR objectives.

In particular, we specialize in dynamic shooting of events. We have made films for among others Red Bull, IKEA, Renault, Skoda, Credit Agricole, Hip-Hop Kemp and Woodstock Festival. We also create classic reports, containing statements by the creators or participants of the event.

We provide comprehensive production of video reports, offering the highest quality of services. We approach each relationship individually and with commitment, we try to capture the moment and reflect the unique nature of the event. We record the material and then go to the post-production stage. Our trademark is editing based on slowing down and accelerating the picture, which over the years has become an element eagerly imitated by other filmmakers in Poland.

Our team consists of experienced directors, producers, cinematographers and editors. We provide coverage of events throughout the country and abroad. Our record is fifteen cinematographers filming various events at the same time.

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