Cable Cam – driving the line system

We take shots from Cable Cam

Cable Cam gives you the ability to take extremely fast and perfectly smooth shots in a straight line. We are preparing a rope installation (up to 200 m) on the set, on which we mount the cablecam together with the Freefly Systems MōVI Pro gimbal. On the MōVI Pro gimbal we can easily balance cameras: Alexa Mini or RED, even with heavy lenses like Master Prime and with additional FIZ engines (Focus, Iris, Zoom). Cable Cam is remotely controlled by our operator. The driving speed is adapted to the intake (max 50 km/h). The second of our operators controls the gimbal. If it is necessary to install ropes at a height, it is done by our people with mountaineering qualifications. We can take shots from Cable Cam on advertising sets, concerts, events.

See the movie Behind The Scenes – Cable Cam, where we explain and show how it works.

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