Tracking Vehicles

Film vehicles with the Black Arm stabilization system and the large MōVI XL gyro head

We specialize in fast and dynamic car shots. Our vehicles are equipped with the Flowcine BlackArm XL stabilization system and a large Freefly Systems MōVI XL head. We can mount smaller cameras such as Alexa Mini or RED, or large cameras such as Alexa SXT, Panavision Millennium. The MōVI XL head works up to a speed of 160 km/h. It is resistant to overloads, stable and will meet very extreme challenges. To control FIZ (Iris, Zoom, Focus) we have three Heden engines that are controlled wirelessly from the MōVI Controller control panel inside the vehicle. For control, we also offer classic film cranks compatible with the head
Our Camera Cars are fully functional and reliable solutions, proven during many commercial plans, and our team is experienced and battle-seasoned.

We can also rig the stabilization system on any vehicle and device, e.g. a small quad, technocrane, boats, all prams and vehicles.

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