Creating a good product film requires an experienced team of filmmakers and adequate equipment. For us this is the most precise and demanding filming process.

The main character of the film is the product. We make the film so as to present the product features, its functionality and possible applications in the best and precise way. We try to look through the prism of a potential recipient: we want to see the product, its advantages and potential benefits resulting from its purchase. The analysis of product films is important to us and we focus on displaying the best and most important product features. The key is the attractiveness of the image, which is why we attach great importance to the quality of shots. We have a wide technical base and we use innovative solutions. We use broadcast cameras, dedicated lighting, and we also use the 360​​’ rotating platform, which allows us to show the product from every perspective. We also use other film techniques, such as stop motion. We can enrich the film with designed graphic elements and infographics that will strengthen the message. We make infographics and animations in 2D and 3D. The scope of these elements is optional: we can implement the animation of the logotype itself, add animation elements or 2D/3D infographics to the product film or – if the project requires that – make the animation from scratch.

In addition to visual effects, we also provide creation: script preparation and copywriting. We are also responsible for the comprehensive preparation of film production, from the stage of pre-production, film production, directing, post-production to online/TV broadcasting of the material.

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