We create travel films promoting regions and cities around the world. We worked for BBC, CNN, Matador Network in Canada, Dubai and the USA.

We provide projects based on inspiring places and their history. The strength of those projects is an unconventional approach to how to film places. Even if the location may seem ordinary, we always approach the project creatively. We are able to bring out the values of places and show their beauty.

Image quality is of great importance here, which is why we use advanced film equipment. In travel films we most often use gimbals, drones and
time-lapse techniques. Our goal is to use modern technology to perform the most unusual and unique shots. We can guarantee that our films will stay fresh for many years.

Our portfolio includes many domestic and foreign productions. There are no location restrictions for us and we are happy to take extreme challenges. We have experience in the implementation of film sets in the mountains, large cities and at the end of the world as well.

The films undergo a post-production stage in which we put emphasis on modern editing and reflecting the atmosphere of the place – the sound. The result is a dynamic, inspiring, high-quality film that attracts the viewer’s attention thanks to its attractive form.

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