Cam-L Studio is a film production company based in Poznań, Poland. We cover whole video productions, as well as work for other media houses, producers etc. We are leading, polish camera operator crew and we specialize in gyro-stabilized cinematography using: hand-held gimbals, drones, cars, cable cam, TERO – tiny radio-controlled vehicle. Our aim is to use innovative cutting-edge technology in order to bring you the most unconventional, unorthodox and perfect shot. With our passion, determination and experience we do our best to realize our clients’ ideas. Our knowledge is based on years spent on sets of advertisement films, documentaries, feature films. Dozens of our productions filmed with the help of gimbals and drones were appreciated and made for such recognizable clients and brands like: Mercedes, Red Bull, CNN, Nike, BBC, IKEA, McDonald’s, Nestle, Castrol, Skoda, Volkswagen, Allegro, Gillette, TVN24, Skanska, Carrefour and production houses like: OP1, Papaya Films, Film Polska, Film Produkcja, FOG Agency, Szafa Gra.



Complex stabilization solutions
Full service film production

We offer a complex video production of: advertisements, sports films, documentaries, video coverage of events, corporate and promotional films for companies.

Filming from the sky – Freefly ALTA

While we usually use our top-notch Freefly ALTA drone with Red and Alexa Mini cameras on sets, we also like to play around with our DJI Inspire or Phantom-3, especially when making smaller scale films.

Freefly TERO Car – RC model

This little piece of technology is radio-controlled and can accelerate from 0-60 km/h in just a few seconds. It comes with MōVI Pro stabilizer which along with the vehicle’s maneuverability gives a whole new variety of shots.

Mercedes ML – video capture dedicated car

To capture a fast paced shot we also use Mercedes ML, whose pillar mount provides vertical gyro-stabilized camera movement while chasing a target. Perfect for the most extreme, fast pace and yet stable shots.

Gyroscopic gimbals – MōVI

As the first company in Poland to specialize in advanced gimbal cinematography, we share our experience acquired from producing numerous TV adverts, corporate films, events etc.

Cable Cam – rope track system

We use Cable Cam for maximum stability during short distance, fast paced shots. Cable Cam provides perfect stability for camera when moving on the rope track with the speed up to 50 km/h. Beautifully stabilized shots and radio-controlled system.

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